Antoinette Jackson


Creative Days - Art and Spirituality

In my home studio I hold  'Art of life'  and 'Art of Faith' days as opportunities to discover and express our spirituality through the making of Art:

-the 'Art of Life'  days are for those who wish to use their unique creativity  to explore their own inner journey and let it lead to uncovering inner wisdom- a catalyst for inner peace and growth....

-Being creative is a way of communicating with our innermost being, giving expression to our innermost self and giving us insight into our true gifts and potential. 

‘Art of Life’ days give the opportunity for us to work  with a wide range of media as we reflect on our own unique life journey. We  begin to ‘draw out’ the artist  within and look at life through artists eyes, with awareness-  seeing fully what life holds for us in this present moment. Our art then becomes an expression of our own reality and the catalyst for us to come to our ‘centre’, to the core of our being. Here we find our purpose and meaning and begin to discover our gifts and our true  potential.

(‘Art of life’ days are for individuals or very small groups(3 persons) only).

...Art of Faith days are for those who wish to explore and express their Christian Spirituality through Art.

These days include the following:  

  • Icon painting-Learn about the process and technique of painting (writing as it is known) icons and gain an understanding of this rich religious art tradition.

These creative painting  days provide an opportunity to develop the necessary skills to paint a traditional icon. In so doing participants will become familiar with the spiritual meaning and purpose ‘written’ into these works of art.

  • Art and Prayer

    Discover a new way of praying through creating  art as we listen to  the individual and unique  stirrings in our soul, inspired by Great Art  and the Scriptures. –

 Our joyful making of art will be inspired by art both familiar and new, reflecting  on  themes such as  the love and joy, peace and understanding in our lives. These sessions provide the ground for us to connect with the scriptures and hear the ‘still small voice’ within, leading us to  the ‘creator within’ and a unique creative response -our art as prayer.


  •     Art and the Christian Calendar-

Reawaken your creativity as you follow the Feasts and mark the Seasons with this series of creative craft days .

We  draw on Fine Art, old and new,  to lead our reflections and inspire our crafts as we reawaken to the experience of living in the ‘Christian year’.

These craft days offer Fine Art reflections combined with practical creative opportunities to reflect on the Church’s year, nurturing a deepening of Faith and an appreciation for the rhythm of the seasons.



  • Painting Faith      

Can we paint Faith ? In this series of workshops we will  look at how artists through time have ‘written’ the Christian Belief  into their paintings. Inspired by Scripture and  the work of Fine Artists we will go on to create our own works of truly’ Christian’ art.

These creative days provide the opportunities  to  develop an awareness and understanding of how ‘belief’ can be communicated through art, leading  participants to create their own authentically religious artwork.












-Art of Faith creative days offer a variety of opportunities to enjoy being creative as we explore Christian Spirituality in accessible and meaningful ways.

We are all creative -one need not be artistic! And  participants will be supported to gain the most from their creative experiences, working with a wide range of art materials.. (group sizes are limited to small groups -usually 3-6 persons)


Next available Art and Spirituality Creative days: (See Creative days Schedule page for further information)

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