Antoinette Jackson

Artist Statement and Biography

Antoinette works from her home on the edge of Dartmoor where she lives with her husband. Antoinette creates sculptures in varying sizes, working in foundry and cold cast bronze for both figurative and portrait pieces, and is very happy to work to commission. She has exhibited widely throughout Britain .

"A major theme of my work is the ideal representation of the human figure, and much of my work intends to remind us of the beauty, joy, and wonder around us. Each time we walk past a sculpture we recognise the ‘small’- but meaningful- moments  that resonate with us , reminding us of our own joys and experience..Remembering is to re-live, to be in the same moment  all over again.

My delight for the human form –especially children- leads me to create sculptures  which try to capture the feelings of fleeting moments : -moments filled with sheer joy, the profound feelings of awe and wonder, or the special feelings of contentment and bliss. "


 Formerly a lecturer in Art and Design for Plymouth University Institute of Education,  Antoinette continues to teach at Higher level  as lecturer in ‘Medicine as Art’ for  Plymouth and  Exeter Universities Medical Schools.

In addition she  leads  sculpture workshops and courses, helping others to explore the joys of working in 3D.