Antoinette Jackson

Artist's Statement


I work from my home on the edge of Dartmoor where I live with my husband and three children. I came to sculpture in 2004 after a career in lecturing and teaching Since then sculpting has become my passion.The integrity of my work rests in the bringing together of those aspects of my life which I love and which inspire  me the most – the human and the spiritual .

The Human-

I try to communicate through sculpture my delight for the human form –the essence of what it is to be human. Much of my work tries to capture the intensity of feelings in fleeting moments -moments filled with sheer joy, the profound feelings of awe and wonder, the special feelings of contentment and bliss.

I work in a variety of media: clay, cold cast bronze and stone, and mixed media, creating figurative and portrait pieces.

I  love to lead  sculpture days, helping others to discover the joys of creating the human figure.


The Spiritual

I am inspired by the beauty of sacred art and I express my own spirituality through  the making of religious sculpture and  writing(painting) icons . I try to communicate the deeper  realities of life through my artwork, reflecting the spiritual.


I integrate my background in Psychology with my Art and Christian spirituality to create a meaningful, personal context from which to explore self and transformation. I  love helping others to explore their own relationship to art and spirituality in this wayby leading a range of  Art and Spirituality creative days: -

In ‘Art of Life’ creative days participants  use individual creativity as a tool  to discover and illustrate their own unique spiritual journey.

In ‘Faith in Art’ creative days  participants can reflect on the spiritual meanings ‘written’ into the ‘Great Art’ of old master paintings and sculpture, or, can look to the spiritual meaning behind  Christian celebrations and feasts, and use these  inspirations to create their own works of art, exploring and expressing personal faith and spirituality.